Update to Infor CRM Cloud Staging Days

Infor changes their tune.

At the end of December we let you know about a change to Infor’s free staging days for Infor CRM Cloud customers, namely that they would no longer be free.  Seems they’ve backtracked a bit (probably because having access to a staging server is crucial for Cloud customers, especially when upgrading or implementing customizations) and customers will now be able to request up to 12-free staging days once a year.  The new staging days policy is broken down below:

  • If more than 12 days are needed during the free request, they will need to be purchased from Sales. Same for subsequent requests after the free one is used for the calendar year.
  • All purchased days need to be used within one request, as remaining balance will not be tracked for later use. Each order will be fully fulfilled once it is delivered.
  • Staging servers will be stopped the day after the requested/purchased days run out, unless an order for more days is received.
  • Customers who have used up their free staging days for their contract can still take advantage of the free request for the calendar year.
  • Any purchased Staging Days that have a remaining balance will need to be used in the next request. Balances will not be tracked after that.


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