Using Roles in Infor CRM SLX to Control User Permissions

In Infor CRM SLX, the permissions for all LAN programs are controlled in the Administrator application, and work pretty much the way most folks would expect (though I would mention that any permissions apply across all the Infor CRM SLX LAN applications). Permissions in the web client, however, are controlled in the Administration section of the web client itself, and involve assigning Roles to Users. As we will see, the Roles are collections of all the actions Users are allowed to perform in the web client, and they are additive. You have the permission to to anything allowed by any of your Roles.

User Roles

In the Administration section of the web client, there are sections for both Users and Roles. In either section, you can add or remove Users from Roles. (i.e. adding/removing a User in the Role’s screen is exactly the same as adding/removing that Role in that User’s screen.) To keeps things simple in this post, I will be looking only at the Roles section, but keep in mind you can also use the User section for associating Roles and Users.


If you open a Role, one of the tabs you can display is Actions. This is a list of all the actions members of that Role are granted access to. These are additive, so if a User has multiple Roles, they have access to any action that is in any of their Roles. Take specific notice of the Standard User Role. This Role contains all the actions that normal users of the Infor CRM SLX web client will need. With vanishingly few exceptions, all Users should be granted Standard User Role. Most normal Users would only need that Role, with some other Roles possibly assigned to Users who need to perform certain administration or integration functions.

Standard User Role

It is possible to create your own Roles, and pick which actions are assigned to those Roles. There is not much reason to do this in most environments, but if your situation involves some Users having very specialized Roles, or possesses specialized functions only certain users need access to, this is how you accomplish that on the web client.

New User Role

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