[Webinar] Advanced Marketing Capabilities AND Ease of Use

Marketing Creatio Campaign Flow


Marketing Creatio: Easy to Use, Powerful Capabilities.

A powerful e-mail marketing solution is the backbone of every company’s marketing strategy. Not only does it need to have advanced capabilities so you can build sophisticated email campaigns and track results, but it also needs to be easy to use. Enter Marketing Creatio. This marketing automation platform can be used as a standalone solution, be bundled with other Creatio CRM modules, or integrated with Infor CRM. Join us as we present the features and capabilities that make Marketing Creatio a must have solution:


  • Segment your database and build data selections of any complexity and on any data.
  • Website event tracking for understanding where visitors and Contacts are spending time on your site.
  • Web forms and surveys for collecting and updating Lead and Contact data.
  • Lead management with automated assignment, automated follow up and email notifications.
  • Intuitive campaign designer with true process automation.
  • Bulk emails in just a few clicks with results tracking.
  • Events feature to plan and manage all events.
  • Business process management
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