What’s Coming in KnowledgeSync v10 Plus a New Needs Assessment Tool

Revealing re-engineered architecture and interface.

Vineyardsoft, the creator of KnowledgeSync (an Infor CRM add-on product), announced much anticipated changes to the KnowledgeSync architecture and user interface coming with the release of v10, as well as a new needs assessment tool to help determine if KnowledgeSync is right for your organization.  Check out the full announcement below:

KnowledgeSync Version 10

We hope that you’ve all had the opportunity to try out the new, first-in-the-industry Alert Acknowledgements module that was announced in version 9 of KnowledgeSync. Following the release of this module, Vineyardsoft development has embarked upon the much-anticipated KnowledgeSync Version 10: re-engineering the KnowledgeSync architecture and user interface.

Version 10 will take advantage of all the latest technologies that are available in the market today, including a wholly new user experience (a platform independent UI) as well as integration options such as web services, REST API, and more.

With the release of version 10, KnowledgeSync will be more scalable, more highly optimized, and will support the most current deployment options, thus enabling both on-premises and cloud-based customers with a technology that will support their businesses for years to come.

Scheduled to be released in Q3/Q4 of 2018, here is a summary of the improvements you’ll see in Version 10 of KnowledgeSync – as well as how those improvements compare what’s currently available in version 9:

KnowledgeSync v10 Feature Comparison

Keep watching for more information on Version 10 Pricing – details coming by September 30, 2017.

KnowledgeSync Needs Assessment (KNA) Tool – Now Available!

The Vineyardsoft Sales department is pleased to announce our best KnowledgeSync sales tool ever – the web-based, automated “KnowledgeSync Needs Assessment” (KNA).

The KNA helps a client determine whether they need KnowledgeSync, how critically they need KnowledgeSync, and what aspects of KnowledgeSync they need the most.

Hosted on www.vineyardsoft.comwww.alertsandworkflow.com, and ready-made to be hosted on your own organization’s website (and branded with your organization’s name and details), the KNA may be taken by clients on their own, or (ideally) may be taken by a client with the guidance of one of your staff. Addressing twelve types of business processes, the KNA asks a client a series of questions that determine if a client needs certain processes, how much they need those processes, and the degree to which those processes are currently done manually.

These 3 factors are combined to arrive at a “need rating” for each of the 12 types of processes, and, when complete, the KNA automatically delivers a “report card” of that client’s KnowledgeSync needs.

Please visit www.vineyardsoft.com or www.alertsandworkflow.com to have a look at (and try out!) this tool; then, if you’d like to host the KNA on your own website, just contact Don Farber (farber@vineyardsoft.com) and ask for the KNA. We’ll send you back both the tool itself and instructions for tailoring/branding it according to your own organization’s requirements.

(Although this initial KNA focuses on clients who are running ERP software, similar versions of the KNA are planned for both the HR and CRM software markets.)


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