What’s New in Creatio 8.0.9? Discover New Capabilities and Upgrades for Enhanced Productivity

Creatio will be updating customer systems to 8.0.9 in the coming weeks, and there are many new capabilities to look forward to, and upgrades to enhance your productivity.  Below are some of the features you’ll be able to take advantage of in the newest release.  You can find the complete list of features here.

Business rules
Filters for dropdown fields. It is now possible to filter available values of a dropdown field by selected value of another dropdown field in Freedom UI using business rules. For example, filter cities by selected country.

Setting up the filter for a dropdown field in Creatio


Next steps. You can now view activities and tasks generated automatically or added manually as tiles in Freedom UI using the [ Next steps ] component. The component completes activities and displays new activities based on the stage in the [ Progress bar ] component. The new component also lets you do the following:

  • add a task or email
  • complete an activity manually
  • approve a record
  • view the task owner and open their contact page

[ Next steps ] component in Creatio

Improvements to the [ Quick filter ] component.

It is now possible to filter the connected component by one or more values of any lookup. For example, display only cases that have a particular status.

  • You can specify the lookup values available for selection using advanced filters. For example, display only active case statuses.
Filtering a list using the quick lookup filter in Creatio

Filtering a list using the quick lookup filter

Connect lists to other components. You can now connect lists to other page components that work with data. This includes attachments, folders, other lists, or dashboards except “Sales pipeline” and “Full pipeline”. The connected components filter their data by records displayed in the list. For example, this lets you filter case chart data by currently open cases.

You can link components via direct connection, for example, the city of a contact. If you connect a list to another list, you can also filter data by the record selected in the list.

Charts connected to a list in Creatio that shows Closed Cases

Charts connected to a list

Mini pages. The app now uses a mini page to add contact or account records.

Mini page that adds records

Tablet UI. Great news for tablet users! Lists and pages in the Creatio mobile app are now optimized for tablets.

Tablet UI in the Creatio mobile app

Tablet UI in the mobile app

There are a ton of great features to look forward to in Creatio 8.0.9.  Curious about some of the functionality from previous releases?  Check out these articles:

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