Case Stage Color Coding

Case Stage Color Coding

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Case stage color coding for Creatio

Case stage color coding for Creatio allows displaying the colors from section cases in the section or detail lists. If a section has dynamic cases defined, you’ll see the colors defined for each case in the list of records, providing a quick visual of the stage a record is in. This works for any out-of-the-box section as well as for custom sections. Quickly see the state of the records using the case colors. This add-on also includes a popup legend so you can easily review what each color represents.

Use cases:

  • Easily & quickly see the state of records in a list using the visual color indicator
  • Works in both section and detail lists for any record that has a dynamic case defined
  • Includes a popup legend to review what each color represents

Key features:

  • Each row will display a color for the stage/case the record is on
  • Uses the colors defined in the section cases
  • Instantly works with no additional configuration
  • System setting included for excluding sections from displaying the case colors
  • System settings included for turning colors on/off in section lists or detail lists

System Settings:

  1. Section case colors excluded sections list: This setting allows you to provide a comma-delimited list of sections to exclude. Any section object names listed here will not display colors in any lists. The list must include the object names, such as Opportunity or UsrMyObject.
  2. Section case colors disable section colors: A boolean setting to disable displaying colors in all section lists.
  3. Section case colors disable detail colors: A boolean setting to disable displaying colors in all detail lists.

Install the Case stage color coding for Creatio Add-on

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