Stacked Tabs

Stacked Tabs

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Stacked Tabs for Creatio

Stacked Tabs for Creatio will provide users with the ability to choose how they want their tabs in Creatio. They can choose between the standard scrolling tabs, or see all tabs stacked at once. This option is a per-user setting and can be easily toggled.

Use cases:

At times, it is difficult for users to know there are additional tabs that are scrolled out of view. This addon provides a per-user option allowing users to switch to stacked tabs and view all tabs at once.

Key features:

  • Easily switch between scrolling tabs and stacked tabs;
  • Access icon is added to the tabs, allowing user to select how they want to see their tabs;
  • Available in all sections, wherever tabs are present.


After installing this add-on, users will continue to have the out of the box scrolling tabs. Any user can click the options icon added to the right side of the tabs to change to stacked tabs.

Install the Stacked Tabs for Creatio Add-on

Install in Creatio Marketplace

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