7 Ways SalesLogix Cloud Beats Salesforce.com

SalesLogix Cloud is poised to challenge Salesforce for the top spot in the CRM category.  Here are the top 7 ways SalesLogix Cloud beats Salesforce.

1. Less than Half the Cost.  Way less.  SalesLogix Cloud is actually closer to 1/4 the actual cost of Salesforce.

2. Twice as Easy to Use.  At least.  Building a simple call list in Salesforce takes 13 steps.  SalesLogix Cloud?  5 easy steps.

3. SalesLogix Cloud is Full CRM.  Sales, Marketing, Service, Support.  Salesforce is sales and marketing.  You need to buy Service Cloud for service and support.

4. Integrated CRM.  SalesLogix Cloud is a single 360 view app.  Salesforce still clings to the discredited silo structure.  Separate silos for Sales and Marketing and Service and Support.

5. Data ownership.  With SalesLogix Cloud you own your data – all of it.  Salesforce?  Not.

6. Safety.  Your data lives in its own physical SalesLogix Cloud database, walled off from all other subscribers.  With Salesforce your data is mixed in the same database tables with thousands of other subscribers.

7. No Nickel and Diming.  Salesforce loads you up with multiple, hidden? charges that are not included in their published price.  SalesLogix Cloud?  No way!

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David Tinjum

Dave is Founder and President of Customer FX Corporation. We all feel sorry for Dave - he's a wanna be geek who can't write a single line of code. How pathetic! Lucky for him, he's surrounded by a whole team of Alpha Geeks. Dave has been an industry insider since 1987 and is called the "Godfather of CRM" by some of his long time peers. He served as Chair of the GoldMine Channel Partner Council from 1993-2000 and Chair of the SalesLogix Business Partner Advisory Council from 1998-2004.

1 Comment

  1. David S.

    We moderate for spam and anonymous commenters such as yourself, that’s it.  In your case I’ll make an exception.

    >Is it actually possible to post comments here? Or are we not keen on having our assumptions challenged? Hmm?<

    Regarding items 3 & 4 – it’s right on the sf site in the version comparison chart.

    Item 5 – if you want a copy of your Salesforce database, you’re out of luck.  You get individual files for each table/entity in the database.  No metadata, it’s up to you to try and reconstruct your database.  Good luck.

    Item 6 – Here’s the facts – “…as opposed to Salesforce.com’s method of running all its customers across just three or four massive shared database tables…”  from ZDNET – read the entire article here: http://www.zdnet.com/…/732

    Item 7 – Here’s just 1 example: File and data storage.

    Salesforce charges $250 per month per GB ($1,500 per year, per 500mb)

    SalesLogix Cloud charges 50 cents per month per GB ($50 per month, per 100GB)

    I will admit to this mistake – instead of saying “Nickel and Diming” I should have said “C-Note you to death”.  $250 per GB/mo?  LOL.


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