A Comprehensive Guide to Infor Portals: Support, Training, and Community

Infor has portals.  Many, many portals. And whether you’re a seasoned Infor user, or you’re just getting started, it can be difficult to know where to go for the information you need.  But the good news is that if you’re seeking support, training resources, or a user community to join, Infor has you covered.  We’ve created this guide to help you find the portals you need, how to gain access, the resources offered, and how they can enhance your experience with Infor products and services.

Infor Support Portal showing available menu items and the homepage.

Infor Support Portal (formerly Infor Xtreme Portal)
How do you login? The Infor Support login consists of  your work email and a dedicated password.  New users will use the ‘Sign up now‘ link.
About the Support Portal: Probably one of the most important portals, and the one many companies will use the most.  This is where you can download Infor CRM products and patches, search the Knowledgebase for Infor CRM information, and open ‘Incidents’ with Infor for issues such as being unable to login to your Infor CRM SLX Cloud environment.


Infor Concierge Dashboard with Incident Dashboard and menu items

Infor Concierge
How do you login? Your Infor Concierge login is your work email and your Infor Support Portal password.
About Infor Concierge: Infor Concierge is connected to the Infor Support Portal (which explains why they use the same password), and you can think of it as your Infor Support Portal gateway.  Upon login to Infor Concierge you’ll see a dashboard that shows your ‘Tickets at a Glance’ with hyperlinks to view tickets you’ve created for Infor CRM in their varying states, such as ‘Escalated’ or ‘Awaiting Approval’, and you can also create a new Incident here.  You can do things like search the Knowledgebase, view the Cloud Maintenance schedule, and request a Software Key, among other things.


Infor U homepage with left sidebar menu items.

Infor U (Infor Campus)
How do you login? Your Infor U login is your work email and dedicated password.
About Infor U: Infor offers 4 training types – intructor led, self-directed learning, e-learning, and training guides.  Both paid and free Infor CRM courses are available.  The free courses are a part of an organization’s Campus Plus subscription, paid courses are for those organizations without a Campus Plus subscription.  Here are examples of Infor CRM courses.

Infor CRM documentation options for v9.1.x

Documentation Central
How do you login? No login needed
About Documentation Central: You’ll find documentation that spans Infor’s product lines.  The main page has product documents grouped by product type, you’ll find Infor CRM documents grouped under the ‘Customer Experience Suite’.  You can search for documents about Infor CRM by version number, as well as information about Infor CRM Xbar and Infor CRM Mobile, via a drop-down on the top right portion of the page.


Infor Community
How do you login? Access the Infor Community through the Infor Support Portal.
About Infor Community: This is where you can network with other Infor CRM customers, discuss various topics, and receive feedback from peers and Business Partners regarding your Infor CRM questions.  Communities you can join include the Infor CRM Developer Customer Community and the Infor CRM User Group.  If you utilize other Infor products you will be able to find communities for those as well.

This wraps up our guide to Infor portals, but the our dedication to keeping you informed doesn’t end here. Keep an eye on our blog for more Infor CRM content, industry insights, and updates about Infor. We’re committed to helping you make the most of your Infor CRM experience and stay ahead of the curve in your business efforts.

If you have any specific topics or questions you’d like us to cover, feel free to let us know in the comments below. We value your feedback and are dedicated to bringing you valuable content that meets your needs.

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