Locate (and Delete) Infor CRM SLX Connections in the Windows Registry

In the course of working with Infor CRM SLX, I have sometimes had to completely uninstall the CRM software and then reinstall it. I always found it odd that, even though all the files had been replaced, it still had the old Connection info in the new install. It turns out this connection information is stored in the Windows registry. This is actually useful information, because sometimes a Connection in Infor CRM SLX will become corrupt to the point  one of the local LAN programs will fail to launch, immediately crashing when it tries to read the connection. Knowing where Connections are stored in the registry will allow you to fix that issue.

Connection in Registry

If you need to find the Infor CRM SLX Connections in the Windows registry, they are found in the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Saleslogix\NativeClient\ . (If you need to access the connections for a different user, you find find that users key in the registry instead.) You will see there are ten Connections listed, each with its own key. Most are likely empty, as all ten keys are created by default, but only populated as connections are created. You can open any of these keys to see all the connection info. You can even edit them here, if desired, though there is no real reason to do so here as opposed to using the Infor CRM SLX software.

Deleting a Connection

If you are experiencing the issue in which Application Architect crashes upon being started, this is where you can delete the problem connection. Check the connections to verify which one is the problem connection (it is usually Connection1). Just delete the entire key. The Connection will no longer be present in Infor CRM SLX, and can be recreated. No need to go back and check the registry afterward, it is just the best place to delete a problem Connection if the software is crashing (usually Application Architect).

Deleted Connection

Just wanted to explain some of the terms used, as I find some to be counterintuitive. The thing you create use Connection Manager is call a Data Link, and that is not what I am talking about in the post.  The thing you create using any Infor LAN software that connection to a Data Link, that is referred to as the Connection to the Data Link, or just the Connection. This is the thing that get stored in the registry, and is the subject of this post. Starting with Infor CRM SLX version 8.5.1, things become more complicated.  Starting with this version, Application Architect now uses a 64-bit connection (instead of the old 32-bit one) and no longer connects to the Data Link.  It is this 64-bit connection that is stored in the registry for this and later versions.  So the Connections mentioned in the blog post include all the LAN software for Infor CRM SLX versions prior to 8.5.1, but only applies to Application Architect for versions 8.5.1 and later. (See more about the 64-bit Connection for Application Architect here.)

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