A new experience when calling Sage SalesLogix Support

Today, customer companies approve certain individuals to work with Support. Each “Authorized Contact” has a unique PIN that must be entered when calling us. The system then routes the caller to the queue assigned to the customer’s support plan.

Beginning Monday, March 1, 2012 though we’ll still have Authorized Contacts in place, they will no longer be assigned unique PINs. Instead, when prompted, callers will enter their companies’ new Account ID. This is a 10-digit Account ID that customer and partner companies will receive via email by March 1.  Don’t worry if you need help before you’ve received your Account ID. You can still enter your PIN over the next few weeks and the system will figure out who you are.

Once a call is answered, the analyst will check the customer’s Authorized Contact list. If the caller is not on the list and there isn’t one handy to join the call, the analyst will help the caller get to the team that can explain options and adjust the Authorized Contact list if needed. If the caller is an Authorized Contact, the analyst will continue to assist.

Another change for all callers is the new option list. Callers will select New Case, Existing Case or Portal Support.

New Case. Caller enters an Account ID as described above. If cases are available on the related support plan, the call routes to the appropriate queue. If cases are not available, the caller may choose to speak with Customer Care to discuss options.

Existing Case. Caller enters a 10-digit case/ticket ID. Using the ID, the system will find your account and route you to the appropriate queue. IDs for cases you opened through Friday, February24, will be emailed to you by March 1. Support cases and tickets are the same thing, and you may see both terms used.

Portal Support. Caller routes to a Portal Support team. This team can help the caller with questions and issues related to the new customer and partner portals.

What isn’t changing for customers?

    * Only Authorized Contacts may work directly with Support
    * Sage Business Care Gold customers still route to the most senior analyst available
    * Callers may be prompted to choose Customer Care if the system cannot successfully determine the customer company’s support entitlement. 

We are about to launch some exciting changes designed to enhance not only your Sage SalesLogix Support experience, but your overall experience with Sage as a whole. The Sage SalesLogix Support team looks forward to working with you, receiving your feedback and incorporating it into our ongoing efforts to provide an Extraordinary Customer Experience.


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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