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Infor CRM has just released its latest update to the 8.2 platform (Infor CRM Infor CRM 8.2 update 01 marks a major milestone for the CRM product line due to a number of key stories and features that were added into the core product. There were three key roles of focus for this release, and if you belong to this group, you will see some exciting changes. For the Infor CRM administrators out there, one of the key changes of note, that will become obvious when you install the update, is that the “Filter Manager” has been renamed to the “Entity Manager”. This change has occurred due to the expansion of the story. In the 8.2 release, this was the location to go to add/edit filters and metrics used across the application. Now, you can come to the “Entity Manager” to Add/Edit Fields. This is a landmark step for the web administrator role and bringing in legacy functionality to make adding fields, including adding those fields into the product schema, a possibility. This is the next major step towards completing the story of managing forms, fields, entities, filters and metrics all from the web. Another significant step was made by enabling the ability to manage area, category and issue from the administrator role, which gives more insight into who owns specific issues and service/support handling gets resolved. Another major feature of this is that it also does create opportunity to use the auto-assignment of tickets, based on the ticket A/C/I feature above.

For the implementers of Infor CRM, Christmas Day has come as well. There was a lot of emphasis, for this release, placed on enhancing the bundling story. Therefore, quite a few changes took place to make that happen. The overall theme was to complete the bundler packaging story. What does this mean? It means it is simpler to install, provides one place to architect a solution and one story for the future of the platform by removing the legacy bundler. Thus, enabling better team development support – source control support for bundles. As a bonus, you’ll also realize this process has become much, much faster!

For the power users reading this blog, you’ll see some pretty awesome new features as well. For example, the long awaited unveiling of “Bulk Update and Bulk Delete” as features within Infor CRM. As an end user, you can now multi-select records within Infor CRM and select update/delete and modify or remove records. For those familiar with the legacy product, there was a feature incorporated into that called “territory realignment”, and bulk update has replaced that story for the web. The bulk update feature allows users to also update account managers, owners and users assigned to records. Another awesome new feature is related to importing records into your CRM system. When a user is in the process of importing contacts into Infor CRM, and a contact comes up without an account association, a smart import dialog box will appear and let the user create an account to associate the new contact to all from the same interface. This means no more hassle of having to go back in after an import to create the accounts! These are some of the exciting new features added into this update!

As you can see a lot of emphasis has been placed on the expansion of the configurability and build out of the web platform, and this will continue as we progress into 2016. Some of the items to look forward to as we move towards the next release are the inclusion of CPQ into the core product, two-way quotes and orders, and the release of Infor CRM + Collaboration. Also, if you are interested in what’s around the corner with Infor CRM, in terms of product releases, feel free to check out the “What’s New” webinar on September 23rd.

By: Jeff Hanrahan, Infor CRM Product Manager, Assoc.

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A recording of the webinar can be found here.


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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