Avoiding Duplicate Ticket Numbers in SalesLogix

SalesLogix uses an internal function to create Ticket numbers based off the table ID for the record.  The first two sections of these numbers indicate the user or site creating the number. The last number section is a hash based off the table ID values. The combination of these two sets of numbers is what makes the number unique. The use of the combination is required because table ID values will be duplicated in the different databases (i.e., the central site and remote offices) when a new record is added.

We have discovered that based on the way the user/site identifier is assigned by SalesLogix, a possibility of duplicate Ticket numbers exists in two situations, which should be avoided:

  1. A new remote database is created and a new site code is generated rather than continue to use the old site code.
  2. A user logs into more than one remote database.

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