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In this post I’ll outline some of the functionality available to you in the Standard Ticket Activity support script for SalesLogix LAN.  As with the other built in SalesLogix scripts, access to this functionality allows you the ability to control the various processes regarding ticket activities.

Most of these functions and methods deal with populating the activity and history tables.


This function completes all tickets for a given ticket for the current logged in user.

CloseTicketActivity(strTicketActivityID, strTicketID, blnSilent)

The CloseTicketActivity function completes a named ticket activity (by ID).  The blnSilent boolean is used to complete the activity without displaying the Complete Ticket Activity dialog if the boolean is True.

 GetElapsedTime(dteFromDate, dteToDate)

This function returns an Integer derived from a difference between two dates.


Used in conjunction with the previous function, this one returns an integer of the elapsed time.

 CreateTicketHistoryEntry(strActivityType, strTicketID)

This function populates the TicketHistory table.  The strActivityType variable is used to fill the Notes field in that table.

CreateTicketActivity(objActivity, strAccessCode, strFollowUp, strShortDesc, blnSendSLX)

This Method generates a new Ticket Activity resulting from the completion of a Activity. This method is currently invoked from the Global Activity script, in which case the Activity type is not generated from an Email or from the Ticket Main View, in which case the Activity was generated from an Email drop.

SaveTimedTicketActivity(TicketActivityID, TicketID, strTime)

This method  saves a record to the TicketActivity table.  Use the strTime variable to pass a date which is used in the date fields in the table and also in the description field.

There are more functionality in this script, including Contract functionality and various other update scripts.  Reviewing this and other SalesLogix system scripts can provide a lot of information about how things are done in SalesLogix, and what sort of processes are available for you to use in your customizations.  I cover more functionality in future posts.

Thanks for reading! 


Jason Buss

Jason is a senior application developer with Customer FX.

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