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Error: StringConverter cannot convert ‘String’ to ‘Boolean’

This error usually occurs because an entity property is set as the wrong datatype for it's underlying field. This happens because when adding a new entity from an existing table, it doesn't create those boolean properties correctly. This is not an uncommon issue. In fact, it comes up all the time and I'm sure it's been mentioned on this site before. I just wanted to re-iterate the issue and include some screenshots to demonst...

Basics – Ticket Activity Support – SalesLogix LAN

In this post I'll outline some of the functionality available to you in the Standard Ticket Activity support script for SalesLogix LAN. As with the other built in SalesLogix scripts, access to this functionality allows you the ability to control the various processes regarding ticket activities. Most of these functions and methods deal with populating the activity and history tables.

Building a query-based lookup in SalesLogix Lan / Using SLX_Common to build query strings

I've previously posed about a number of useful functions available to you within the SLX_Common script in the LAN version of SalesLogix. I'd like to go a little further in-depth about a couple of functions which are helpful for creating new SQL Query strings. In a recent project, I needed to build a query interface similar to what you find in standard opportunity products view. The SLX_Common script holds a couple of functions that I ...

Hiding controls and control labels via code in the SalesLogix Web Client.

This is a minor item, but one I always seem to forget, so I thought I'd throw it up here quick as a reference... On occasion in the web, I want to hide a particular control instead of removing it. If I set this via code snippet in the onload event of the form, it's a simple matter of just including the line .Visible = False. If this is all you do, the caption of the control will still display even though the control itself is hidden.

SageCRM – Building Workslips Part 1

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting a walk-through which will outline building a Workslips module for Sage CRM. In this part, I'll cover creating a new table, and defining fields in that table. We're going to start with creating new table structure to hold basic Workslip information. First we have to define the Workslip table. In Sage CRM, got to Administration->Advanced Customization->Tables and Databases and then click ...

FieldTypes in Sage CRM

I wanted to take this post to outline some of the common field types that are available within Sage CRM, for anyone new to development within Sage CRM. These are definedunder the Fields tab under Administration/Customization/{EntityName}.

SageCRM Tip – Editing screen definitions – Screen contents missing from screens

On the last Sage CRM project I worked on, I ran across a little issue with the CRM interface which was causing me a bit of a headache. I was working with a couple of screens I had defined for a custom entity. These screens were similar, so I was doing a lot of comparing one screen to another. Every once and a while, I would notice that the screen contents would disappear from the screen I was reviewing, and I would end up having to rebuild the...

Using Picklist data revisited

Back in January, I posted about the SalesLogix picklist data structure, and outlined how to use the data found in the picklist table to populate other controls such as comboboxes and listboxes. You can find that article here.) If you are performing customizations to version 7.2 or later of SalesLogx, this processes can be greatly simplified by using Application.Picklist instead of directly querying the database.

Populating AutoComplete Strings

I recently had a project which required me to populate the strings collection in an AutoComplete control from data contained in the database. I wanted to take a second to outline how I populate the control's strings, as well as create a reusable script to simplify the process in the future

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