Configure Infor CRM SLX Mobile Portal for Windows Authentication

Infor CRM SLX includes a mobile portal that may be deployed, for folks who wish to make CRM available on smartphones and tablets.  This allows users to view Infor CRM SLX in a simpler layout designed for phone displays.  If desired, it is possible to enable Windows authentication on the mobile portal.  However, since users’ phones are not generally joined to the domain, there will still be a login required.

Mobile login Windows

The Infor CRM SLX mobile portal actually leverages the Sdata portal for login, so if the Sdata portal is set for Windows authentication, then users will need to log in to the mobile portal using Windows credentials.  For the User field, they will need to use domain\username, and use their Windows password for the Password.  Normally you don’t need to worry about the IIS authentication settings on the mobile portal itself.  However, if users’ phone browsers are popping up an additional login box, you should add Windows authentication to to the authentication protocols the mobile portal uses in IIS, which should fix that issue.

Mobile Windows authentication

If desired, you can direct the mobile client to use a different Sdata portal than the default one.  The more common reason for doing this is if you need the mobile portal to use a different form of authentication than the main Sdata portal, though I am sure they are other reasons this might be desirable for some environments.  In the folder to which the mobile client deploys, find the file SlxMobile\configuration\production.default.js file, and chose to edit.  About 25 or so lines down from the top, there is a setting for virtualDirectory.  The default value is ‘sdata’.  Change this to the name of your alternate Sdata portal, then run an IIS reset, and the mobile portal will now be using that alternate Sdata portal.

production.default.js file


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