Creating a Saleslogix Ticket Pretty Prefix and Suffix in External Applications

Some entities in Saleslogix, such as Tickets, use a “pretty key” as an easier to use value to reference the record. These pretty keys take a Saleslogix table ID value and then create a value like 000-00-1234. If you are creating an external application with this functionality, you’ll need to be able to create these pretty keys there as well.

Other Ways To Create Pretty Keys

Before we get into how to create these in external applications, lets look at other ways to do this inside of Saleslogix itself:

  1. Inside of SalesLogix VBScript plugins, you can easily create these using Application.BasicFunctions.GetPrettyKeyPrefix(id) and Application.BasicFunctions.GetPrettyKeySuffix(id)
  2. Inside of the SalesLogix Web application
  3. Inside of legacy Basic script plugins


Creating Pretty Keys in External Applications

So, how do we do this in some completely external application? If it is a .NET application then you’re in luck. This is one more place where Sublogix will come in handy and make a difficult task very easy. Sublogix has several helper functions that can do many useful things for you, even if you’re not using Sublogix for other things. You can use Sublogix to create pretty keys like this:

var prettyKeyPrefix = Sublogix.Helpers.SalesLogixHelper.GetPrettyPrefix(myId);
var prettyKeySuffix = Sublogix.Helpers.SalesLogixHelper.GetPrettySuffix(myId);

Nice and easy. Sure, this makes the task of creating the pretty keys simple, but wait until you use Sublogix for the rest of the application as well 🙂

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  1. Nice! I didn’t know Sublogix could do that!


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