Creating Groups in Infor CRM

When looking at a list of an entity such Contacts or Accounts in Infor CRM software, the actual list you are looking at is known as a Group.  I have folks use all sorts of names for these groups: lists, tabs, views, searches, queries, and some I can’t recall at the moment.  When well-managed, these Groups can help you find the items you are looking for very quickly.

If you look at the upper-right corner of the Infor CRM web client, you will see the word “Groups” (for Group management) and a plus sign (for adding groups).  Clicking on Groups shows you a list of all the Groups you have access to.  You can use the check box next to each to decide which will display in the list of Groups that scrolls across the top.  Clicking the plus sign pops open the window for creating new Groups.  The top half of this window in the Query Builder, which you can use to create the SQL query that defines the Group, while the bottom half of the window define hot the Group displays.

Contacts Groups

There is way more to creating a new Group than I can explain in single blog post, but I will go over the process to create a simple Group to give an idea how it works.  Let’s say we want a Group of all Contacts who have the letter J in their last name.  Go to Contacts, and click on the plus sign next to Groups. After giving the new Group a name and description in the Property tab, click on the Conditions tab.  This is where we build the SQL query. Up in the top half, you will see the Contact entity, along will all the entities it is joined to.  Click Contact on the left side, and a list off all the columns for that entity will display on the right. Scroll down to Last Name and double click.  Now set the Operator to Contains and type J for the value. Uncheck Case Sensitive, and click OK. You now have one Condition.  You can change the columns that display in the Layout tab, and set the sorting order in the Sorting tab.  The defaults will be fine for us, so click OK in the upper right.  This Group is now one of the Groups you can choose from in Contacts.

Create Group

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