Creatio 8.1.1: New Order and Contract Management App, Improved Calendar UX, New User Licenses, and More!

Chances are you’ve received communication from Creatio that your system will be updated to Creatio 8.1.1 in the coming days, and if you haven’t, you will soon.  What can you expect from the newest release?  Keep reading…

Creatio 8.1.1 Order And Contract Management

There’s now a composable app for Contract and Order Management.  Manage your product catalog, orders, invoices, contracts, and other documents in Freedom UI using the Order And Contract Management app.  This app was built entirely using Creatio no-code tools.

Creatio 8.1.1 Add from web page campaign element for Marketing

Want to add campaign participants automatically from a landing page?  Now you can with integration via webhooks using the new Add From Web Page campaign element. The element is triggered when a user submits a web form on the landing page.

On the UX side of things there have been many updates, including adding online meeting links to activity descriptions with the ability to click the Join button to join the meeting quickly, creating meetings for a selected period, and a new activity completion flow in the Next steps component (as shown above).

In 8.1.1 you can now color code activities in the calendar.  This can be accomplished automatically with color code tiles based on a lookup value. The component will assign colors randomly if the lookup has no colors associated with the columns.  There is also the option to assign by user, with the color code tiles based on the activity participant.

One last thing I’m going to mention is that there are now license types available.  The “Data input restricted” license has been replace with 3 separate license types: “External B2C,” “Limited internal,” “Self-service.”  Here is a brief breakdown of the new license types:

  • External B2C is best for customers that work with your company.  As an example, a student who checks schedules/grades/submits work.  Restrictions on this license include inability to interact with other external users, can’t view data posted by other external users, can’t use communication features, can’t set up columns, dashboards, or create folders and tags.
  • Limited internal is best for company employees who require Creatio only for a single use case.  For example, an employee that only needs to use the system to approve invoices.  Restrictions on this license include users only have access to a section specified by the system administrator, and users are unable to use communication features.
  • Self service is for users that only need to use a support portal.  These licenses can be created for both internal and external users.  Restrictions for this license include access limited to Cases and the Knowledgebase, may only register cases but cannot process them, no access to communication features, can’t set up columns, dashboards, or create folders and tags.

You can find current license pricing here.

This list of features new in 8.1.1 just scratches the surface, get the full release notes.


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  1. There’s a typo in the text:
    “he compoenent will assign colors randomly if the lookup has no colors associated with the columns.”


    • Thank you Yosef! It’s been corrected.

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