Dashboard Widgets Using Opportunity Stage in Infor CRM

When creating Dashboard Widgets that are using the Opportunity Stage what do you do when the correct Stage isn’t showing?  If this problem sounds familiar, keep reading…

Have you customized your Opportunity Stages or have you created a custom Sales Process?
When you change your Opportunity Stages or create a custom Sales Process, you need to update the Opportunity Stage “Filter”. You will also need to customize the Stage Picklist. Both the Picklist and the Stage filter should match.

NOTE: Make sure they match exactly to your Sales Process Stages or the correct data will not show up.

If you create a new widget in the dashboard using Opportunity Stage, it needs to be updated to your custom Stages. This is done by updating the values for ranges in the Opportunity Stage Filter.

1. Open the Opportunity Manager and go to the Administration Navbar.
2. Go to Entity Manager.
3. Highlight Opportunity Entity and go to the bottom of the screen to the Filters tab.
4. Find the Stage Filter and click the edit icon.
5. Enter your new values in the range values and click on OK.
Edit Stage in Opportunity Entity Infor CRM
6. Now you can go back to your Widget that is using Stage and the Stages should be updated to your new values. See screenshot below.

Infor CRM Entity Manager


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