How to Clear the Local Cache in Infor CRM LAN Client

Last week, I showed how to clear the clear the browser cache when using Infor CRM web client.  While it happens less often, it may also sometimes become necessary to clear the local cache when using Infor CRM software LAN client.  Unlike with the browser cache, there is no automated way to do this, so one must delete certain Windows folders and registry keys.  Standard Windows registry warnings apply, always a good idea to back up the registry before making any changes.

Make sure all Infor CRM programs are closed. The first step is then to clear the contents of the cache folder.  This folder at ProgramData\SalesLogix\Cache.  You will need to set File Explorer to show hidden files and folders in order to see the ProgramData folder.  Leave the Cache folder, but delete all the contents.

Now run regedit. (Type regedit in the Run line of Windows, or just search for and run the program.)  Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SalesLogix and expand SalesLogix.  Under this SalesLogix key, delete the keys Client, Design, and SalesLogix.  To delete a key, delete the entire folder, not just the contents.  (Yes, there is a SalesLogix key under the main SalesLogix key.  Only delete the lower one.)


Now reboot the workstation, and the next time you run Infor CRM LAN client, it will rebuild fresh versions of all the items just deleted.

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