How to Install Individual Components of Infor CRM Server

When installing Infor CRM server software, it is common to install all the components on one server, sometimes using an outside SQL server or separate web server. However, in certain situations, it can be desirable to spread out the components among multiple servers. For example, if usage is heavy enough, you may choose to put the job server on its own server for performance reason. This can be done by running the Install .exe on the Infor CRM install media, choosing custom, selecting Required Administrative Tools and Servers, and selecting which component to install on a given machine.

SLX Install
On important component not mentioned by name is the Connection Manager. This component is installed as a part of the Saleslogix Server feature. Infor CRM best practice would be to set up the connection on the machine that is running the Saleslogix server. If you need to install a standalone version of the Connection Manager, the easiest solution would be to install the Saleslogix server feature on the needed machine, then disable all the Saleslogix services on that machine, leaving Connection Manager as the sole functional Saleslogix component. This might be necessary if you need a connection for LAN clients or the admin programs to connect to on a different subnet, for example.

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