Defining the Detail Report in the Common Tasks area of the SalesLogix v8 web client

In a previous post I talked about the location to define what report to run from the “Detail Report” in the Common Tasks area of the SalesLogix 7.5 web client.


In the SalesLogix 8.0 web client that location changed along with pretty much all of the client side libraries.  The new location where the Detail Reports are defined is now found in the database in the UserOptionDef table.  Why?  Who knows.

The settings are saved in a serialized json string.  There is no formatting in the DB values but if we look at it in readable format it looks something like this:


                            “maintable”: “ACCOUNT”,
                            “family”: “Account”,
                            “name”: “Account Detail”
                            “maintable”: “CONTACT”,
                            “family”: “Contact”,
                            “name”: “Contact Detail”
                            “maintable”: “OPPORTUNITY”,
                            “family”: “Opportunity”,
                            “name”: “Opportunity Detail”
                            “maintable”: “DEFECT”,
                            “family”: “Defect”,
                            “name”: “Support Defect”
                            “maintable”: “TICKET”,
                            “family”: “Ticket”,
                            “name”: “Support Ticket”
                            “maintable”: “SALESORDER”,
                            “family”: “Sales Order”,
                            “name”: “Sales Order Detail”



Anyways there is no interface to change the default reports but we can change them via a SQL update statement.

Boilerplate warning: Do this only after testing in a test system first.  Running SQL on a production system without testing first can be dangerous, blah blah blah.

If we want to change the default account detail report that is run we can execute a SQL statement like this:

update useroptiondef set defvalue=replace(cast(defvalue as varchar(8000)),'”maintable”:”ACCOUNT”,”family”:”Account”,”name”:”Account Detail”‘,'”maintable”:”ACCOUNT”,”family”:”Account”,”name”:”My Report”‘)
where category=’reporting’ and name=’defaultdetailreports’

In this SQL statement we are updating the Account report from “Account Detail” to a report called “My Report”.

Note: after doing so you will need to do an IISReset as the web service that uses this information caches it on startup.


Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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