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*UPDATED* Infor CRM Update 04 Due to Release in November

*We learned today that there will not be an 04 update in general release.  Instead, they are combining 04 into 05 which is due out late December. Core 04, Model 04 and SNC 04 updates are all due out soon.  We will post another update when they are available for download.Here is what is expected in these updates:Performance improvements•Reduced […]

SalesLogix v8.0 error on IE 10 “Input String was not in a correct format”

We recently had a client come to us with a problem running the Saleslogix 8.0 web client in IE.  They would attempt to save data (causing a postback) and would get an error similar to: “message”: “Input string was not in a correct format.”, “source”: “System.Number, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089”, “type”: “System.FormatException&rd...

Making a Column Editable in the Saleslogix Live Grid

One of the nice things about the Saleslogix live grid in the web client is that you can make columns editable in line saving user input time.  In the live grid’s column collection to do this you just need to define the Editable column to True.   Well almost.  You also need to set the […]

Bug in the Saleslogix Web LiveGrid Lookup dialog

I recently ran into an issue with the Opportunity Products grid in the Saleslogix web client.  I client had requested additional columns in the “Add” Lookup dialog.  I had added the Price column as a field in the Lookup Columns collection.  I could see that the constructed OpportunityProducts.js file contained my Price column markup when […]

Unable to open Application Architect v8.0- Root Element Is Missing

I recently ran into a problem on a client system after applying an upgrade.  When attempting to log into the Application Architect the login would get so far and then throw an error: There is an error in XML document(0,0). (System.xml)Root Elements is missing. (System.xml) The resulting problem was discovered to be that the system […]

Incorrect delpoyment of the DynamicMethods.xml file in the SalesLogix 8.0 web client

We have had several clients report random errors occurring in their SalesLogix v8.0 web client.  No meaningful error is presented to the end user but on the web server’s Event Logs you can see something similar to this: 2013-12-05 08:15:36,025 [23] ERROR SlxClient.InsertSalesOrderPage – SalesLogix Web Client unhandled exception during async postback [SalesLogix Error Id=SLX76DA70529671C361] […]

Problems in SalesLogix v8- Bundling SQL Result Sets

I recently ran into an issue trying to use the old SQL Result Set action in the SalesLogix bundle process.  When you choose this action you go through a process of selecting the table you want to bundle data from and then adding conditions to define what records from the table you need. Normally if […]

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