Deploying the SData Portal in SalesLogix 7.5.1 on a Windows 2003 Server

The following procedure outlines the steps we used to deploy the SData Portal on a 7.5.1 Eval Database.  Before deploying we rebuilt the Web Platform and configured the SalesLogix admin user to use windows authentication.  Open the Administrator and select Tools | Options | Passwords then check on Use Windows Authentication. Now edit the administrator user – select use Windows Authentication and associate this user with your WebDLL user ( In the screen shots this user is SLXAdmin).  Don’t import the user info.  Your next step is in the Application Architect. Open the Deployment Explorer and find SData under core portals.  Under the IIS Target Settings make sure your Base Directory is correct – it can point to wwwroot or a subdir.  The port will be the same port you deployed the SLXClient on.  The app pool can be SalesLogix or another app pool that you have created. Make sure Deploy Target is selected and Restore Virtual Directory Settings on Update is cleared.


Now move on to the SData tab.  Leave the Virtual Directory and Sub Directory set to sdata, check on the Deploy Portal option, clear Precompile and Startup Portal.  Our next step is in the Advanced Options.  Click on the Inherit from Target and make sure your port and app pool are the same as in the IIS Target Settings.   Before going any further check the SlxClient and ProcessHost tabs and make sure the Deploy Portal option is cleared.  Now you are ready to deploy the portal – click on Deploy. 


 Now we move on to IIS6 on a Windows 2003 Server ( IIS7 and Windows 2008 settings will be covered in another blog) where we will change the Integrated Windows authentication and configure the handler mapping.  In IIS right click the SData virtual directory and go to properties.  In the Directory Security tab open the Authentication and access control and click edit – clear the Integrated Windows Authentication.  Before leaving this window take note of the Windows user account for anonymous access.  You will want to use the same account in the Application Pool you used to deploy the Portal.  Check the properties to the App Pool, SLX751 in our case, and make sure the Identity is set to Configurable and the correct user has been chosen.



 Now let’s configure the handler mapping.  Right click the SData virtual directory and click on Properties.  From the Virtual Directories tab select Configuration and then the Mappings tab.  Within the Application extensions select the .ashx Extension and click on Edit.  After the dialog box opens select the entire entry, right click, copy before leaving check on the All Verbs option.


Now click the Insert button on the Mappings tab.  Paste the data from the clipboard into the Executable window, clear the Verify file exists and select OK.  Close IIS and reset IIS since this is the initial deployment.


Now you are ready to test the SData Portal.  Open Windows Exporer 7 or 8 and paste in the following url.


Change the “yourwebserver” and “yourport” to the correct values.   If you have configured the system correctly you should see the following loggin screen.

Enter the SalesLogix Administrator username and password.  In our case it is “Admin” with no password on this eval db. 

Now you should see the Integration Adapter for Dynamic SData Feeds page.   If you do not the most likely cause is an Authentication issue.  Double check all of your web site and app pool configured users and the SalesLogix Admin user to make sure it is using windows Authentication.  

Good luck and please check back for the Windows 2008 blog.









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