Do You Keep Getting Locked Out of Infor CRM?

Infor CRM administrators navigate a range of settings to ensure smooth user experiences and heightened security. One crucial aspect is password management, directly impacting user access and system integrity. Located within the Administrator Program on the server, these settings dictate password length, complexity requirements, login attempts, and lockout duration.

A complaint that comes up frequently is a user that keeps getting locked out of Infor CRM.  Users facing recurrent lockouts despite inputting the correct password may encounter issues beyond mere mistyping. The Outlook add-in “Xbar” relies on Infor CRM credentials for authentication. Incorrect passwords trigger continuous login attempts by Xbar upon Outlook launch, potentially leading to lockouts.

Something to keep in mind is that any change in the Infor CRM password necessitates a corresponding update in Xbar Options to maintain synchronization. Ensuring that the password remains the same between Infor CRM and Xbar means that Xbar will login in properly when Outlook is opened.

To configure Xbar settings, users simply need to open Outlook and go to the Xbar Options on the Toolbar (see images).



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