Editable Grid modifications/deployments with new entity properties in InforCRM (Saleslogix)

Just a quick post regarding something that I was banging my head against today…

I was working on an editable datagrid, adding two new columns from a couple of field properties that I had just added to the entity model.  After I made my changes, built the web platform and deployed, my new columns were not showing up in the datagrid.  “Oh well”, I thought, “Sometimes you have to rebuild everything for a change to come across”.  So, I deleted everything from my build folders to force a full rebuild.  I also deleted everything from my SLXClient folder in IIS to make sure I was getting current versions of everything.  No luck.  Changes still not coming across.

The heck?!

For fun, I made a couple superficial changes to the form itself, and tried to build/deploy again.  No new columns, but the other changes I made on the form were there.

That’s when it hit me…

Editable grids utilize SData to display information.  Since these fields were newly added to the database, I did have to update my entity properties.  However, I never re-deployed the Sdata portal.  5 minutes later, Sdata has been re-deployed and sure enough, there are my new columns.

So, In summary; if you are adding newly created fields to an editable datagrid, make sure you deploy Sdata in addition to SLXClient.  Your forehead and desk will thank you.


Jason Buss

Jason is a senior application developer with Customer FX.

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