Fixing the SalesLogix Account Phone list Crystal Report

When I started to write this blog post I was not going to even look at this report because my initial review really had no suggestions for improvements.  I came up with the idea of adding the Account Manager to the report.  Thinking that it would be a quick post I tried to add the Account Manager and discovered my post would have to be a little bigger today. 

As a reminder, over the past few months I have been writing up reviews on all 60 standard Crystal Reports that come with standard implementation of Sage SalesLogix.  Recently I started a series of posts that talks the reader through the process I use to update each report based on my initial comments. On November 20th 2008, I wrote a blog post labeled SalesLogix Account Level Reports, In the post I wrote the following about the Account Phone List Report:

 “The Account Phone List report is a nice clean little report, it provides basic location and primary phone numbers to the user.   Condition filtering is set up to use the Account Manager and Modify Date. “

So my initial point of view was this report was written pretty well.  But when I tried to add the Account Manager full name, Crystal Reports through a major error.  So let’s fix this report.  

Our goal is to get people in their system to start working with and start writing reports.  In order to make adjustments to any Crystal Reports in SalesLogix (SLX) you need to have access to a machine with the SLX Architect and Crystal Reports installed.  You will need your SLX Admin Password from your Administrator.

First thing to do is log into into the SLX Architect. Close the Open Project window that first opens and open the Manage Crystal Reports view via the Manage/Reports menu item. Highlight the Account Phone List report under the Account family and select the Check Out icon in the tool bar near the top of the view.  Then select the Launch Crystal Report System icon on the tool bar located all the way to the right. When the report opens, use the key combination of CTRL R to run the report against your SalesLogix database. 

For this report, the primary issue is that there are three Account table fields (AccountManagerId, RegionalManagerID, and the DivisionalManagerID) linking to the UserID of one table, the UserInfo table.  So when I selected the UserName field from that table it did not know which of the three id’s to display data for and threw the error.  The rule is one table for each id field.  So if you were to really want to display all three of these Managers you would need to bring in the UserInfo table three times, once for each ManagerId.  For this report we only need to see the Account Manager so I removed the other two remaining links.  I also noticed if you scroll down, there are a number of tables (SECCODE, ASSOCIATION, ATTACHMENT. GM_PROFILE, PICKLIST, and PROCESS) that are not linked and not used in this report which will throw a warning message when closing the Database expert.   The report seems to work alright set up like this but I suggest removing unused tables because whether you realize or not the data is being loaded into Crystal even though you are not using it.  One other thing to look for is tables that were joined by Create Date, Create User, Modify Date, and Modify User.  When auto joining, Crystal looks for field names that are the same.  If you see links from tables using these fields you should remove the links.  I have found issues similar to the ones described in this last paragraph in each of the reports that we have gone through the fix process on and I am sure we will see a lot more so from now on this will be the first thing we address as we fix these standard reports.

Once I fixed the links and the removed the unused tables, I added the UserName from the UserInfo table and added it under the Web: field on the report.  I also added a shaded box behind the Account Name to help it stand out a little more.  When I refreshed, I noticed the report ran a little quicker, but that is just my opinion.

 Here is the updated Account Phone Report.


Download the updated report here. and thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi Chris

    We are working hard on making the reports available with every post.  

    Yes, the plan at this time is to work through them all, hopefully with positive results.

    If you send an e-mail  to,  I will send the reports that are done directly to you.

    Thanks for reading!  Make sure to add comments or any suggestions as we go through this process.



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