Fixing the SalesLogix Account Support Crystal Report

Over the past few months I have been writing up reviews on all 60 standard Crystal Reports that come with standard implementation of Sage SalesLogix.  Recently I started a series of posts that talks the reader through the process I use to update each report based on my initial comments.

My focus today is the Support Account report.  On November 20th 2008, I wrote a bog post labeled SalesLogix Account Level Reports, In the post I wrote the following about the Support Account Report:

The Support Account report provides simple Account details.  Another candidate for removal with an updated Account Detail report. Condition filtering is set up to use the records Create User and Modify Date. 

Here is the report prior to modifications:

Not much to go on so I took another look at this report and really had a hard time coming up with anything to write about.   I did notice at the bottom of the first page a new Account record started but I had to go to the second page to see the rest of the details of the record.  I also think I can get 5 records instead of 4 on each page by minimizing the amount of white space around each record.  So lets fix this report.

Our goal is to get people in their system to start working with and start writing reports.  In order to make adjustments to any Crystal Reports in SalesLogix (SLX) you need to have access to a machine with the SLX Architect and Crystal Reports installed.  You will need your SLX Admin Password from your Administrator.

First thing to do is log into into the SLX Architect. Close the Open Project window that first opens and open the Manage Crystal Reports view via the Manage/Reports menu item. Highlight the Support Account report under the Account family and select the Check Out icon in the tool bar near the top of the view.  Then select the Launch Crystal Report System icon on the tool bar located all the way to the right. When the report opens, use the key combination of CTRL R to run the report against your SalesLogix database. 

This is going to be real quick.  As we learned from the last post, sometimes we find unnecessary tables coming into the report.  I expanded each of the tables listed in the field explorer looking to make sure each had fields with little green check marks, this means the field is part of the report.  The only table that did not have a green check mark by any of it’s fields was the ADHOCGROUP table.  I entered the Database Explorer and removed the table. 

I removed the “E-Mail:” field from the report and then moved everything toward the top of the section.  I worked on the spacing and alignment for 15 minutes until I had the two columns looking good. The final step was to right click on the Group Header #2 and select Section Expert from the menu that appears.  Here I want to check the box labeled “Keep Together” which will eliminate the problem with records completing on the next page.

I adjusted the report title font color to maroon and then  highlighted of the Account Name with a box control as I have done in prior reports.   Here are the results of the changes:

The modified report seemed to load much faster then the standard one and I now get six Accounts per page. 

Use this link to download the modified version of the report.

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