Fixing the SalesLogix Support Escalated Tickets Crystal Report

Were are working with the Ticket Level Reports that I wrote about in a post labeled SalesLogix Ticket Reports (Part 2)  on January 29th, 2009.  This is what I wrote concerning this report.

Start Excerpt……

Taking a look at the Support Escalated Tickets report first.  When I ran the report there were no additional parameters and it provides the Ticket level data that you would expect to find.  

I like the lay out of the report.  I noticed the “Priority” and “Closed?” fields are not bringing in data.  I think these fields are left over from previous version of SLX.  If we removed the two fields and added the TICKET.STATUS field I think you would have everything covered.  

Judging from the name of the report, I believe the intent would have been to display a list of Tickets that were received, evaluated, and escalated to the next level of service.  What I believed and what this report accomplishes is not near the same.  I entered a ticket into the system and it appeared immediately in the report, in fact nothing I did when working the ticket disqualified it from the report.  Looking through the report in Crystal I see nothing that qualifies a Ticket record as being escalated.  I guess I would expect to see some record selection rule like where Received by is not equal to the Assigned To which might hint that the original caller filtered the call and directed the ticket to another user thus escalating the ticket.  It may be that the developer intended for us to build a group and then run this based on the group records.  Something to think about when preparing to use this report.

End Excerpt…….

So really right now all I have is a list of Tickets in my system,  If that what you are looking for then great no change is needed and you can use the Standard report.  I talked to a couple of our experts at Customer FX and we came up with two scenarios that defined that a ticket should come up on an escalated report.  The first from Kris Halsrud was similar to mine in the original article.  An Assignment to a specific person or group of people that indicates the Ticket is beyond general support help.  Dale Richter came up with the Urgency field being set to a level higher then the default.  So in the case of Standard SalesLogix the default is Medium with Low, Medium – Low, Medium High, and High as alternate possible selections.  So for Dales scenario the report would display tickets that have an urgency of Medium – High or High.  I like both ideas so lets incorporate both rules into this report.  I will also add the Ticket Status into the report and include in my rules Tickets that are anything but Closed. 

So First I removed anything that referenced the Ticket was closed, I found the TICKET.STATUSCODE is related to the Pick list Table.  I dragged and dropped the status field on to the report under the Urgency Code field.  I then went into Crystals Report menu and selected “Selection Formulas” and then “Record” from the lists that appeared.  This is the formula I came up with:


This seemed to do the trick, the report in my database dropped down from over 60 Tickets to just 16.  Here is the report after the changes.

Well that was fun and easy and I hope useful for someone.

I have started the process of putting together a class on Reporting with SalesLogix.  My outline is pretty complete and in review but I would be interested in any ideas you might have as to content.  Please write to

See you next week.  Geo



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