How many users can share a SalesLogix concurrent license?

This question had been asked a number of times so I thought I would share the answer here.  

In various SalesLogix pricing guides and communications they make a statement about a 3 to 5 user per concurrent license ratio.  This is really only a “recommendation“ and not a Sage licensing restriction or a limitation that the SalesLogix Administrator application or Sales client will enforce.   In other words, you can assign as many SalesLogix users as you want to the pool of concurrent licenses and as long as a license is available, the user is able to log in.

I like to think of it like that “Maximum Passengers XX” warning sticker you see on elevators which I always thought should be by weight anyway.  I guess it’s just easier to count the people rather then guess how much they all weigh and then add it all up before you decide to get on. 


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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  1. Thanks for the post. You’re right, that’s always been a murky topic. Can’t count how many times that question has been asked. How about “3-5 but results may vary”.


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