How to Edit a Pick List in Infor CRM SLX

In Infor CRM SLX, there are multiple places to edit a pick list. I am going to concentrate on the two I actually use, depending on what changes I need to make.

Pick List Manage Menu

One way to edit a pick list is using the LAN Administrator program. Go to the Manage menu and select Pick Lists. This will bring you to a screen where you can select from any of the pick lists. In an out-of-the-box Infor CRM SLX implementation, there are a little over 200 pick lists, so just scrolling to find the one you want is a viable options. You can also search for the desired pick list. (Note, there is an identical interface to edit pick lists in the Architect program. It is the same as the one in Administrator.)

Mange Pick List

You can also edit pick lists in the web client. Expand Administration in the nav bar on the left, and choose Pick Lists. This will bring you to an interface with similar choices to what the Administrator program has available. If you are making changes here for all users, make sure you are logged in using the Admin account.


Pick List Manage Web

In either one, you can add, edit, or remove items from any pick list. When looking at the attributes for each pick list item, note that Text is what appears to users, while Code is what is actually stored in the database. You would normally want to keep those the same, but there are situations in which it is useful to set the code to an abbreviation of the full value, or even a numerical value. For example, if you were using a pick list to allow users to rate something as Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor; you might want to store those in the database as numerical values 1-4 so you can determine an average rating with a simple formula.

PIck List Editor

There are also pick list traits that can be set. Most of these are fairly intuitive, but some could use a bit more explanation. The default is to only allow one selection, so you much check the box for multi-selection if you wish to allow users to select multiple values for that field for a given entity. If you check the box requiring text to match the list, that field will only accept values that are on the pick list; if the user types something else in that field, it will not save that value. The default is that users are free to either use the pick list or type in their own value. Finally, the last two touch on the difference between the LAN and web clients. You can check that users are allowed to edit items on the pick list, allowing them to add their own. This options only applies to the LAN client (and should really be used only with great care).

The final option listed is whether to apply all these other options to the web client. If not selected, any other options you have selected will only apply to the LAN client, and the pick list will appear in the web with default options only. Note that this box itself appears only in the web client; so, unless you are a LAN-only implementation, it would be smart to use the web client whenever dealing with a pick list’s options. (Though using the manager in Administrator would be fine if you were only adding or editing items on the pick list.)


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