How to resize the activity window in the SalesLogix web client

If you have done any customizations to the activity area in the SalesLogix web client you have likely run into the fact that new fields added to the screen will likely make the screen to large for the window frame it loads in.  This causes you to have to scroll around to see all of the controls on the activity/history screen.  Here is how you can change that.

The activity dialog is handled via the “LinkHandler” by calling something like LinkHandler.ScheduleToDo(); from server side code.  This is calling a Sage class called LinkHandler.  This class defines how the activity window is opened.  Now there is a client side LinkHandler library found under the jscript/sage-common folder but this is not what we want.  instead, there is a server side library located in the App_Code directory called LinkHandler.cs.

If you look in the LinkHandler.cs class, it is easy to find where the dimensions are set.  The author was kind enough to place constants at the top of the class that define the height and width of the 3 activity dialogs in the system: Activity , Complete Activity, and History.  Here you can change your sizes and whamo!  Your activity dialogs will be this new size.

 An easy change to make once you know where to look but finding it without any documentation or guidance can take a long time.  Hopefully this post will help those looking for how to do this.



Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.


  1. Hi Kris,

    Any idea where this has been moved to in v8.3?
    I simply want to increase the size of the notes text box (make it taller) in both history and activity and have been pulling my hair out for days.


    • Bob, the activity and history screens are dojo widgets. You can’t modify them directly, you have to extend them with a custom module that inherits from the base.

      AN easier approach would be to add a custom css file with the following (adjusting that size as needed):

      .activity-dialog .notes-text
      min-height: 200px !important;

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