IIS Application Pool Issue when Cloning Infor CRM Web Server

On a couple of occasions recently, I have had issues while working on an Infor CRM web server that was cloned or copied from an existing server.  In both cases, even after getting everything else configured correctly, the client site would not display. In one case, trying to visit the client site would kill the IIS application pool. In the other, the client site refused to come up. I suspected an IIS issue, but everything appeared correct there.

It is Infor CRM best practice to have the application pool it uses in IIS  to be set to run as the WebDLL user (or whatever service account you are using for Infor CRM). In each case, I got the Infor CRM client site to display by switching the CRM application pool to another user, and then switching it back to the WebDLL user. (As always, an IISRESET was needed after changing the IIS configuration.) I am not sure why the IIS application pool didn’t seem to correctly authenticate as WebDLL until that login was reset, but assume it had something to do with the way the server was cloned.

IIS App Pool Settings

If you need to do this, open Internet Information Server (IIS) and click Application Pools.  Right click on the application pool that CRM is using (called Saleslogix in the example above) and click Advanced Settings.  Click the ellipses to the right of Identity (near the bottom of the initial Advanced Settings window) to bring up Application Pool Identity.  Set the app pool identity to one of the built-in accounts, click okay, the set it back to WebDLL.  Click OK in to close each window, and perform an IISRESET to enable the changes.

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