Inaport Imports For SalesLogix

What I like about this tool is the new feature that enables chaining of imports. For example, say we have an ERP system churning out 30 imports a night that need to run whether or not the import file was created. We can set up an automatic import via Inaport that will kick off the first profile, run as many profiles as you need in succession and skip any profile with a source file that is missing.
The second thing that impressed me was how quickly a large file can be imported using SQL matching. For example, the accountid could be in the source as well as the target db. Then using a SQL match on Accountid the import will run as if it is running a SQL query – very quickly. In addition you can use other types of matching for imports where you’re not real sure of the criteria. Anyone who is looking for a good import tool for SalesLogix should check out the Inaplex web site and download a trial of Inaport.

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