Infor CRM 8.4 Update 01 highlights

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The Infor CRM 8.4 Update 01 release finally happened (again). A few of the highlights I got out of reading the release documents:

In both the LAN and Web client:
The Do not solicit field on the Contact Detail view is now selected by default. When creating a new contact, the default setting for the “Do Not Solicit” check box is now selected. This change was made to provide a process to support compliance with GDPR.

Seems like Leads should also have this setting then also?  But no mention of that.


SNC 01
Offers a New Office Profiles Privacy tab which allows Administrators to share anonymous usage data with Infor. Selecting this check box is optional. The documentation says “Data gathered will help Infor improve the product“. Whatever that means.

SNC has a lot of LAN fixes including updates to the following forms:

  • Account: Opportunities
  • Account: Reseller Opportunities
  • Account:Tickets
  • Contact Web Access
  • Dashboard: Manage Dashboard Options
  • Lead: Marketing
  • Sales Dashboard: Pipeline Status
  • Sales Dashboard: Sales Dashboard Detail
  • System: Account Detail
  • System: Account QBE Screen
  • System: Add Edit Qualification Category
  • System: Campaign Detail
  • System: Contact Detail
  • System: Opportunity Reseller
  • System: Insert Opportunity
  • System: Lead Detail
  • System: Opportunity Statistics
  • System: Opportunity Reseller
  • System: Ticket Detail


Core 01

Core 01 removed the following methods from the Sage.Platform namespace. This is a breaking change for any customizations making calls to these methods (I don’t think I have ever used these):

  • public static IDbConnection CreateConnection(DbProviderFactory factory, string connectionString)
  • public static IDbCommand CreateCommand(DbProviderFactory factory, IDbConnection connection)
  • public static IDbCommand CreateCommand(DbProviderFactory factory, string commandText)
  • public static IDbCommand CreateCommand(DbProviderFactory factory, string commandText, IDbConnection connection)

The documentation does define new replacements for these methods.  Not sure what the purpose of removing these was but make note if you have used them in, you will need to update the code before moving to 8.4.01.


In general there are a lot of fixes to defects in all of these releases. You can see full details of the release notes using the following links.





Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.


  1. Thanks for the update!

    I thought the LAN client was no longer receiving updates from Infor?

    As for Leads getting the default ‘Do not Solicit” checked is debatable. Leads, in some cases, are already providing implied consent by filling out webforms, clicking “I Agree”, or voluntarily requesting more information which will insert them as a new Lead in the CRM system.

  2. Thanks Kris!

  3. RE: “The Do not solicit field on the Contact Detail view is now selected by default”

    Is there any way to override this? We use InboxGuru and it’s become a real pain to have all new contacts created either via integrations or imports having all the DONOTs = ‘T’ by default.

    • You can add a post step to the Contact OnBeforeInsert event to override this.

    • Hey Ljubomir and Kris!

      Would it work to explicitly set these values on insert over the API? Ljubomir, this would essentially be a hidden field on a contact form.

    • There is a Custom Setting to enable or disable the primary Do Not Solicit field at both Contacts and Accounts. To change this you can go to the web client’s administration nav bar and choose Custom Settings. Then search for a Default settings with a description containing “solicit”. Note that this only affects the main Do Not Solicit value. Other “Do Not” fields are not affected by this. You could however add a custom post step to the on before insert events of both contact and lead to set all of the other “Do Not” fields to be equal to how the main Do Not Solicit field is set.

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