New Features Added to InboxGuru Just in Time for Spring

Spring has sprung!  It’s that wonderful time of year when birds return from winter migration, the trees begin to bud, and the sun is still out when you return home from your work day.  It also happens to mean new features from InboxGuru to make your email marketing campaigns even better.  Here are some of the newest features to take advantage of:


InboxGuru email campaign from template











  • Creating a campaign from a template.  A popular feature request, you can now send off an email campaign directly from a freshly made template.

InboxGuru Campaign List Sync









  • List compare 2.0.  Inbox Guru’s list compare got an upgrade and additional user options. PS – it now has its very own action menu item, you’ll no longer find it in campaign properties.

Inbox Guru Custom Social Icons











  • Custom social icons.  If the former social icon options didn’t suit your needs you are no longer constrained to what’s out of the box.


You can find the full details and instructions for using the new features on the Inbox Guru Support page.

Not familiar with Inbox Guru? Learn more about this fully embedded email marketing app for Infor CRM or request a demo.



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