Infor CRM (Formerly Saleslogix) Allowing quickforms to be used within the Web Browser control in the web client

The Infor CRM web client has a “browser control” that allows you to embed another smart part onto a smart part.  This is what is used for the Opportunity snapshot area on the Opportunity Detail page.  Normally only custom smart parts are used in the OOTB implementation.  It is possible to use quickforms, however there is a current bug with how quickforms are constructed that prevent you from using them, unless you do the following step.  This is because the quickforms use a template to add a design button to the form, however this doesn’t work within the browser control.  TO get around this limitation, follow these steps:

In the Application Architect, in the Virtual File System Explorer (Control + Alt + F), expand out Model…Quickforms…Web

Locate the file  QuickForm2Web.vm.  Double click this file.


In the normal v8.1  version of this file, on line 96 you should see the following:

 $generator.addToFormLoadCode(“if (!RoleSecurityService.HasAccess(${Q}Administration/Forms/View${Q}))”)


Change that to be (all on one line):

$generator.addToFormLoadCode(“if (RoleSecurityService != null && !RoleSecurityService.HasAccess(${Q}Administration/Forms/View${Q}))”)


Then save the changes to the file.

Now when you build and deploy you will be able to place quickforms within the web browser control.


You must close and reopen Application Architect after making this change. Then, do a full rebuild by going to the “Build” menu and select “Rebuild Web Platform” (or hold the Control/CTRL key while clicking the Build Web Platform button on the toolbar).

Also, if you’re using an exported VFS on the file system, you need to change this in the exported model. Navigate to the directory where your model exists and locate the files to change there. The Virtual File System Explorer area in Application Architect is only looking at the files in the database, not in the exported model. If you’re using the VFS in the database, the files in the Virtual File System Explorer are the correct ones to change, but not for an exported VFS in the file system.


Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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