Infor CRM (Formerly Saleslogix) v8.1 Update 05 Issues

We have recently discovered 3 issues that have developed for customers after upgrading to update 05 for version 8.1 web.  These have all been reported to Infor support but details on fixes have not been released.  I wanted to make people aware in case it would adversely affect them.  I am not sure if the Core or Model update is the cause or if both can result in these problems.


Pie Charts

The pie chart widgets on the dashboard no longer function.  This seems to be the only charting  object with problems.


Modules Loading

The implementation of modules on a page can allow things like tabs, detail views, menus, and toolbars to show or hide based on conditions on the page.  After update 05 the modules still operate when the page first loads but the system no longer reruns the modules on switching records client side using the group navigator or VCR buttons at the top of the screen.


Cross Entity Data Problems

By far the biggest issue is some kind of problematic undocumented implementation of automatic field level security.  What I mean by this is in the Windows client, if you add an Account level field to a Contact screen that field is automatically read only because it is a field at a different level.  Apparently someone had the bright idea to try this in the web client in update 05.  Before you could add an Account level field to the Contact screen and decide if you wanted it editable or not.  This gave better flexibility for design and allowed the system to not require navigating away from one record to update something at another level.  Now, if you add an account level field to a Contact screen the control is automatically set as Disabled (a problem in itself- it should be read-only if anything).  However the bigger problem is the data doesn’t even show in the field.  It is just an empty disabled control!

You can change the control on the form load event to make it enabled, however the auto binding still does not work.  You need to programmatically populate the control with the data via code on the form load. When a user makes changes to the field, they get the “Unsaved Changes” warning, but clicking the standard Save button doesn’t update the other entity level.  So the change at the Account level is discarded.  You need to also programmatically update the entity as well.  Ugh.

Worse yet, this cross entity implementation seems inconsistent.  Data from the Account at the Contact level doesn’t display and controls are automatically disabled.   Data from the Contact level on Tickets are also automatically disabled but the data does display.  So depending on what entity you are on and what entity you are going to seems to impact the behavior.  Ugh Ugh.

This behavior only happens for user. T he admin user does not exhibit any problems with cross entity data binding.



Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.


  1. Correction, the widget defect is actually 15098200, KB article 1606050

  2. Do you if a fix has been released for any of these since?


    • Yes I think all of these were fixed in later versions in 8.3 release level

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