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Infor CRM (Formerly Saleslogix) Getting the Current User and Contact Context in the Web Custom Portal

Ryan Farley previously posted about how to get the current Contact context in the Customer Web Portal.  This same approach can be used to determine the Saleslogix User context that the Customer Portal is running under.  Expanding on Ryan’s initial post by calling a different service, like so: Sage.SalesLogix.Security.IWebPortalUserService service = Sage.Platform.Application.ApplicationContext.Current.Services.Get<Sage.Platform....

Infor CRM (Formerly Saleslogix) v8.1 Update 05 Issues

We have recently discovered 3 issues that have developed for customers after upgrading to update 05 for version 8.1 web.  These have all been reported to Infor support but details on fixes have not been released.  I wanted to make people aware in case it would adversely affect them.  I am not sure if the […]

Unable to Insert Opportunities in Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) Web Client

 I recently ran into an issue where a client was unable to insert Opportunities when logged in as particular users.  When they clicked Save they would get an error similar to this: The statement has been terminated. : String or binary data would be truncated.Saleslogix Error Id: SLX2AECA524F481B1D7URL: http://localhost:3333/SlxClient/InsertOpportunity.aspx?modeid=InsertException type: System.Data.OleDb.OleDbExceptionSource: System.Data....