Infor CRM – How to disable the Sync Server and license

We see a lot of customers’ Infor CRM systems with the sync server running even though they no longer or never used remote databases.  This consumes server resources and may generate unwanted sync files.  Here is how to disable all of that

This guide provides instructions on how to remove a sync server license.

NOTE: If you do have a Sync Server license and want to disable sync and prevent queue files being generated, use the steps below.

1. Get the value of the primary sitecode for the host database with the following SQL statement:
Select SiteCode from sysdba.SYSTEMINFO where SYSTEMINFOID = ‘PRIMARY’

NOTE: This will be used with Step 3, replacing <SITECODE>.

2. Back up your database.
3. Run the following statements on the SalesLogix database:
update sysdba.SITEOPTIONS set HostServer = ‘NOSYNCSERVER’ where hostserver = ‘<SITECODE>’
update sysdba.BRANCHOPTIONS set SiteCode = ‘NOSYNCSERVER’ where SiteCode = ‘<SITECODE>’
update sysdba.SYSTEMINFO set PrimaryServer = ‘NOSYNCSERVER’ where PrimaryServer = ‘<SITECODE>’

NOTE: The value NOSYNCSERVER must be in all capital letters within the database for this solution to work.

4. Open the Administrator.
5. Select Systems from the Navigation Bar.
6. Click the Licenses tab.
7. Right-click the Sync Server license and click Delete License.
8. Confirm you want to delete the license.
9. Restart the computer running the SalesLogix Server service.
10. Ensure the desired SalesLogix services have restarted.
11. Queue files should no longer be generated.


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Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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