Infor CRM SLX Client Site Deployment Options

Previously, I had posted (here) about how to use Application Architect to switch Infor CRM SLX to use a file system deployment for the web client. This can be handy if your deployment requires a complex setup in IIS, and it therefore make sense to handle all the configuration within IIS. In most circumstances, however, the deployment options within Application Architect will provide more than enough granularity for all but the most complex internal deployments.

If you open the Application Architect, one of the sections you can view is Deployment Explorer. At a minimum, the Core Portals deployment should be there. There could be other Deployments listed as well.  For now, we are going to assume you are using Core Portals for you main client site deployment. To view the settings, click on Core Portals. Then, when the Core Portals tab displays, click on SlxClient. The windows for IIS Target Setting and IIS Portal Configuration show all the IIS setting we can control through Application Architect.

Deployment Explorer

If you look at the hierarchy under Deployment Targets, you will see that the level directly under Deployment Targets is, in fact, the Targets. The level under that is the Portals. The Target settings control where the client site files will be deployed, as well as the port and app pool that will be used by the site. If you are deploying locally, it is fine use either the server’s name, or “localhost”. You may also list another server, though it with quite common for network issues to crop up when deploying to another server. The default port is 3333, which works fine. You can also deploy to 80 (or 443 if using SSL) if you wish to make it so users need not specify a port in the URL.


The Portal settings are for each Portal under a Target, and you can see that each Portal has its own tab. The main settings here are specifying the directory under the base directory to which that portal is deployed, and the checkbox to specify which one Portal under the Target is the Startup Portal. (You generally want to pick SlxClient.) Under Advanced Options here, you can also uncheck Inherit from Target if you need one or more of the Portals to use a different port or app pool from the the rest.


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