Installing the update for Infor CRM SLX

Today, we are looking at how to apply the basic update 01 for Infor CRM SLX 8.5.

The procedure for applying an update for Infor CRM SLX within the same version has been largely unchanged for most of the 8.x versions.  However, the procedure for going from 8.5.0 to is just different enough from 8.4 and earlier that I wanted to talk about it here.  Note that, in earlier versions, applying upgrades like this would overwrite many customizations.  In 8.5, the customizations are stored in a different location, and are supposedly left alone when upgrading.  We have not yet tested this, so definitely run this upgrade in a test environment before upgrading your production system.

The first step is to download the two upgrade files.  Log in to the Infor support site, open the Downloads dropdown and click Patches.  Set it to bring up all patches for Infor CRM 8.5 and click Search (curiously, gives no results). For a basic system (not using BODs), download SNC Update 01 and Web Update 01 for Infor CRM SLX v8.5.0.  Now unzip them, and put them in a folder on the root of the C: drive.  In older versions, there were two separate web updates, for a total of three files, but in 8.5 there are only two.

Download update 1 for 8.5

Now you will run the SNC update to update the LAN CRM applications. Open that folder, right click the .EXE file, and choose to run as admin. When offered a choice, choose to extract the install files to a temp folder.

Expand .zip files

The program should locate he installed components that need to be updated.  Click Install, then Finished when it completes.

SNC Install

You now need to use the Administrator program to install the Architect bundle in that same folder.  Open Administrator in the Saleslogix program group, click Bundles on the left, and then click Install.  Browse to that Architect Bundles (.SXB file), click Open, and click Next/Yes/Okay as needed to finish installing the bundle.

851 select SNC bundle

Having updated the LAN client programs, it is time to update the web.  Go into the web update folder, right click on its .EXE, and run it as administrator.  It is suggested that you temporarily stop the Saleslogix services for this, but if you can leave them running if you are willing to reboot if asked at the end of he installation.  As with the LAN version, you will need to extract to a temporary folder, and click Install once it has located the programs it needs to update.  Then, once again, click Finished when it has completed.

851 Web Install

You must then open Application Architect to install the web bundles.  In the View menu, open Bundle Manager, then choose install.

Install Web Bundle

Now browse to the folder that has the web bundles, and select the VFS bundle.

Web VFS bundle

Complete the install this bundle by clicking Yes/Next/Okay as needed. You may need to wait a while of some of the screens. Once the bundle has installed, open the Tools menu and choose Rebuild Database Schema.  Once that is done, you can use the bundle manager to install the Web Actions bundle.  The process is the same, except that you now choose Web Action bundle (which shows up as Web Update on this screen).

Install Web Update Bundle

Once again, click Yes/Next/Okay as needed to complete the install process, choosing to release this bundle to Everyone when asked.

Release to Everyone

Now that the bundles are in installed, you will need to build and deploy to bring those changes to the web client.  Be sure to restart Application Architect between the build and deploy to avoid the out of memory error.

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