Issue Creating Activities via the Infor CRM Job Service

I recently ran into an issue creating a job in the Infor CRM Job Service portal that had a step to create an activity. When I ran the job I was receiving event log errors similar to the following:

Sage.Platform.DynamicMethod.DynamicMethodException: An exception occurred executing the dynamic method Activity.OnCreate. —> Sage.Platform.Application.ServiceMissingException: Service Sage.SalesLogix.PickLists.IPickListService is not available in the current context.
at Sage.Platform.Application.ServiceCollection.Get(Type serviceType, Boolean ensureExists)
at Sage.Platform.Application.ServiceCollection.Get[TService](Boolean ensureExists)
at Sage.SalesLogix.Activity.BusinessRules.Activity.Rules.OnCreate(Activity activity)

The issue with this is in the standard Activity creation event it uses the Picklist service to get Picklist defaults. However by default the Infor CRM job service does not have the Picklist service listed as one of its registered services.

To fix this you just need to open the Infor CRM Job Service portal in Application Architect and add the Sage.SalesLogix.Picklists.IPicklistService as a registered session service. Ensure it is not checked as On Demand also.

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Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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