Manually Configure IIS for Infor CRM SLX Web Client

When you set up an implementation of Infor CRM SLX web client, you deploy the client site to the web server using the Application Architect program. Application Architect is capable of creating the client website in IIS, though a few tweaks are often needed. Sometime, however, it is desirable to control all the settings manually in IIS, rather than having them set by Application Architect.

The first step is to set up the web client to deploy as a File System deployment, rather than an IIS deployment. (I will be showing how to do this by editing the Core Portals deployment, but you could also choose to make a brand new deployment, if you prefer.) In Application Architect, go to the Deployment Explorer, open Core Portals, right click on Deployment Target, and choose Add Target.

Add Target

Now select File System for the Deployment Target, and select any desired Portals. The minimum normal deployment would include Process Host, sdata, and SlxClient portals. If you also are including the SlxMobile or SlxCustomer portals, you will want to include those as well. (The Job Service is deployed separately, and should already have its own target.) Now click Okay.

Select Target

If you are starting from the standard Core Portals deployment, the original IIS deployment will still be visible. Go ahead and delete that one, leaving only the File System deployment. Now click on any of the items under your new File System target, and it should show the details of your deployment on the right. All the defaults should be correct. They one thing you will need to add is the Base Directory. The standard path to use is C:\inetpub\wwwroot , so I would suggest using that if you don’t have a specific reason to use some other folder. You will need to create the folder if it does not already exist. Now save your changes, and CRM will be ready the next time you deploy.


Once you have run a deployment, you are ready to set up the client site in IIS. Open the IIS instance you will be using to host and expand server so Application Pools and Sites are visible. Right click on Application Pools, and select Add Application Pool. Name the application pool Saleslogix (or whatever desired) and leave the other settings as default (.NET 4.x, Integrated, Start Immediately).

Application Pool

Now that the application pool exists, we need to tweak some of its settings. Right click on the application pool and select Advanced Settings. Now right click on Enable 32-Bit Applications and change the value to True. Further down, click on Identity, then click the ellipses to change the value. In window that appears, select Custom Account, then click Set and set it to the credentials for the service account (webdll is the default, the same one used for the job service and mapped to the Admin account).

App Pool Identity

The last step is to actually set up the client site. Right click on Site, and choose Add Website. Name the site Saleslogix (or whatever desired, good idea to make it the same at the app pool) and make sure it is set to use the application pool you just created. Set the physical path to the one you deployed to in Application Architect. The bindings will depend you network and what sort of site you are setting up. If this is just an internal IIS server only used for CRM, set it for http, All Unassigned IP addresses, and either port 80 (http default) or port 3333 (Infor CRM default). Leave the host name blank. If this is a more complicated set-up, whomever manages the IIS server should know what to use. You will then need to right click on ProcessHost, SData, and SlxClient and choose Convert to Application. (Also do this for any other sites you included in your deployment, but leave aspnet_client as a folder.) Run the IISRESET command, to make sure all of your changes are on the live site, and you should be ready to go.

Site Settings

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