Add Infor CRM SLX Web Client to Trusted Sites

When running an Infor CRM SLX server on your local network, you will generally have no problems reaching the web client.  There are cases, however, in which you need to adjust the Internet Options on your computer to allow the site to function.  It is not always clear what causes this; but most of the cases I have seen are either because the internal security it set very high, or because Windows is inexplicably treating the Infor CRM web client as if it were an external internet site, even though it is internal.  The best workaround for these is to add the Infor CRM SLX web client site to the Trusted Sites list in your computer’s Internet Options.

In the past, when I have given instructions on how to edit the Windows Internet Properties, I have always instructed folks to access them through Internet Explorer.  While that method still works (click on the Settings cog wheel icon, then click Internet Options from the settings menu), now that Internet Explorer is no longer supported, I wanted to show how to get to that same Internet Options window through the Control Panel.  I hoping this way will also have the added benefit of not leaving anyone confused as to whether they were editing the Internet Options for the entire computer, or just Internet Explorer.

Internet Properties

If you have Control Panel set to display as icons, you just need to locate the icon for Internet Options and doubleclick on that.  If you have your Control Panel set for Category view, click Network and Internet, then click the link for Internet Options.  Either way, you should now have the Internet Properties window open.  Switch to the Security tab, and you are now in the spot to set the security level for the various zones.  We will be using the Trusted Sites zone, so click on that one, then look a the Security Level slider.  In order for the Infor CRM SLX web client to work properly, the Security Level need to be set to Low.  Drag the slider all the way down to Low (the lowest setting).

Truted Sites

Now, while still on the Trusted Sites zone, click the Sites button.  This is a list of all the trusted internet sites.  You will need the enter the URL of the Infor CRM SLX web client, then click Add to add it to the list.  Although using the full URL should work, you will want to leave the “slxclient” part off the end, so that other CRM sites on the server such as sdata will also be included.  In some cases, you might need to add the server name rather than the client site, or even just the IP address of the server.  If your client site does not use https: , you will also need to uncheck the Require Server Verification box.  Once this is done, click Close, then click Apply and then OK on the main Internet Options window.  The Infor CRM SLX web client is not running under Low security settings.

Trusted IP

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