Message box dialogs in the SalesLogix web client

In the web client,  there’s not an easy way to present the user with a multiple choice dialog.  One quick and dirty way to do this is to create a new form to function as a dialog.

First, I created a basic ticket form.  This will be used in the ticket area, so I created a new form under this entity.  On this, I added a column and a couple of rows.  I dropped a label control on the form and set the Row and Column span properties to 2.  In the remaining areas I dropped a button control on each.  Finally, set the caption properties for the buttons and the label.  You don’t have that much control over the placement of the buttons, so to keep them together, I went to the columns property of the form and set the left column to a width of 90% and the right column to a with of 10%


We will need to add our new dialog to the list of available smartparts for the Ticket entity.  In the portal manager, Under Sage SalesLogix and Pages, open the Ticket Detail page.  On the Smartparts tab, add the new dialog and set the Target Workspace property to “Dialog Workspace”.

 To launch the form, we simply need to call the DialogWorkspace Javascript API:

ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.Page, GetType(), “InvokeYesNoQuestion”, “{ id: ‘TicketYesNoDialog’, width: ‘400’, height: ‘100’, top: ‘300’, left: ‘300’});”, true);


There we have it!  


Using this method has a couple of downsides:

  • This dialog is very much “single use”.  You would have to create a new form for every dialog you would want to launch.
  • When launched from a code snippet, the process doesn’t stop when this form is opened.  Any logic stemming from a choice on this dialog must be performed on the form itself.  There is no way to pass the result of what button is selected to the originating script.

Well, there you go.  Not perfect, but a relatively simply method for launching a yes/no dialog in the SalesLogix web client


Thanks for reading!  [:)]


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