Modifying the “Dirty Data” prompt in the SalesLogix Web client

Recently, we had a request to modify the “You have unsaved data on
this page” prompt which shows up in the Web Client after modifying
data, but before saving the change.  This change was requested to increase the visibility of this message to insure that users would remember to save after making changes.

look of this message can be modified by changing the Base.css
stylesheet found under the SupportFiles/css folder under the SalesLogix
portal.  Under the .dirtyDataMessage header in that stylesheet, modify Backgroundcolor to change the color of the box, and modify Color to change the color of the text.  In this case, we used the “Red” constant for the background, and the hex code#ffffff” to set the font color to white.



      display : none;

      position : absolute;

      bottom : 0px;

      left : 0px;

      border : solid 1px

      height : 14px;

      width : auto;

      background-color : red;

      margin : -1px;

      padding : 5px 15px;

      vertical-align : middle;

      text-align : center;




all there is to it.  The modified message is much more noticeable on the bottom of the screen.  We found that the white text on a red background
worked for what we were doing.  Obviously, you can play around with
different combinations to see what you like.

Hope you found my FIRST blog post on the web client useful. [H]

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Jason Buss

Jason is a senior application developer with Customer FX.

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  1. Forgot about the border color! Thanks for the update.


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