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Updating the Infor CRM 8.4.03 Web Client Appearance

The new skin applied to the Infor CRM 8.4.03 web client is a bit, shall we say, garish.  I have come up with a more subdued color scheme to avoid your eyes from bleeding too much while you work in the client. This is what the standard client looks like: And this is the updated […]

Changing text alignment on Numeric controls in Infor CRM

In many interfaces, numeric values tend to be right justified.  In InforCRM however, all controls display their information with the text aligned to the left of the control.  Recently I was asked about changing the text alignment of numeric controls to display the text to the right in the control.  While InforCRM doesn't expose a text-alignment property in their controls, it is possible to set the style.textAlign property of the composite N...

Creating multiline labels in the SalesLogix web client

A simple thing that I sometimes get asked is how to control the labels of the web client controls.  Well the label text is rendered as HTML so you can add HTML tags directly in line with the text. To create a label that spans multiple lines, you can set up your label text like […]

Modifying the “Dirty Data” prompt in the SalesLogix Web client

Recently, we had a request to modify the “You have unsaved data on this page” prompt which shows up in the Web Client after modifying data, but before saving the change.  This change was requested to increase the visibility of this message to insure that users would remember to save after making changes. The look […]

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