New Release: Creatio v7.18.2 is Now Available

We’re always amazed at the frequency, and the quality, of the new releases Creatio puts out.  There are some great features in the newest release, v7.18.2, that definitely add value to your use of Creatio.  Here are some to note:

  • Business Processes
    • An option to connect process activities to other entities was added, streamlining the activity workflow. This feature is available in the [ User actions ] group’s process elements, including the automated emails sent via the [ Send email ] element.
  • User Customization Tools – Homepage setup  
    • The existing homepage charts can now be copied. To do this, use the  button or Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V hotkeys.
    • Moving, resizing, and deleting the homepage elements will push up the dashboards below if there is room on the canvas.

GIF editing Creatio homepage

  • Base Interface and System Capabilities – Chats
    • Chats can now be forwarded to other system users. The target user will see the chat in their active chat queue after receiving it.

Chat Dialog Box in Creatio

  • Marketing Tools – Cold Audience Warmup schedule
    • It is now possible to change the email schedule for the “Warmup cold audience” mode. To do this, contact Creatio support. View the schedule in the [ Warmup mode ] tooltip on the email page after the change.

Show newaudience warmup feature in Creatio

Click here for the full list of new features.

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